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remember when instead of touchpads laptops had those keyboard nipple things



barbara & lindsay are coming to my city for fan-expo so i thought i’d try to draw them a lil’ something & try to give it to them…!! wish me luck (⊙﹏⊙;)

eta: guys i tried to draw them as their rwby charas i didnt just arbitrarily draw yang n ruby wrong LOL

RWBY - Time to Say Goodbye (with reverb and lowered pitch) by Jeff Williams




has this been done before? This sounds like it’d be perfect for a concert performance.

i merely threw this in FL Studio and set it to B instead of the standard C and this was the result, but I was so blown away by how much different it sounds.

It does give it a Live Concert sound to it. Should throw in some clapping and cheering to give it the full effect lol.

It also makes Casey sound a little older/more mature, or is that just me?




i have never seen a nipple in my entire life.

step one: lift up shirt

2) look dwon 

3) nipple

holy shit.. holy Fucking shit what the fuck is that